To our dear grandchildren:




If we could


Be with you always to love and to care –

Have more time with you in which we could share

     Your talking, your laughter, your joy and your fun,

      And always be with you to know what you've done.


If we could –


See who you marry, and wish you both well;

Share more of your life before saying farewell;

     Still be around when great grandchildren came,

     And give them our love and could share in their games.


Don’t forget ever the days that we’ve had,

And with joy in your hearts do try to be glad -

     And whatever you do, tell your own children too

     That the love in our hearts was especially for you.


                                    From Your Grandparents



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What nice letter/poem could you write back to your grandparents.  I hope you will always remember them fondly, and think of them on special occasions and wish they were there to share them with you.  For my generation, we miss our parents very much and wish every day that we could just have one day with them again.  Don't forget to show your love for them whilst they are alive and why not do it today with a phone call or a letter from you, or if they are near you, a big hug.  Josie




By Josie Whitehead

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