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Whatever’s the matter with silly Milly?

She’s forgotten her coat and it’s so very chilly.

    Her umbrella’s at home and it’s starting to rain -

    Such a foolish young girl with a very small brain!


She’s bottom at maths, can’t remember her tables

And though all her clothes are covered in labels,

    She now says she’s lost her blouse and her skirt

    And just look at her coat!  It’s covered in dirt!


She comes home at night with no bag and one shoe

And her nice woolly jumper’s all covered in glue.

    Now what does she do to get into this mess?

    Well, she’s just silly Milly with no sense, I guess.



Copyright on all my poems




*One of almost 400 poems chosen by teachers

and children for publication in 2010.  I hope you

like it too.   Josie

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