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This is one of almost  400 poems I'd written which was  chosen by teachers in schools right across West Yorkshire in 2010 for publication.  I hope that your children enjoy it and find it a useful way to remember similes.  If you are a Yorkshire teacher, you'll find mybooks are in the library.  Josie

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As light as a cloud, as high as the sky

    And as quiet as a mouse in its hole.

As bright as a button, as clear as a bell,

    And as blind as a little black mole.


As bright as the sun, as hard as some nails

   As alike as two peas in a pod.

As high as a kite, as blind as a bat

   But as tasty as chips with my cod.


As dull as dishwater, as heavy as lead

   And poor as a little church mouse.

As proud as a peacock, as clear as the bell

   That you ring when you visit my house.


As cool as a cucumber, as free as a bird,

   And as happy as Larry can be.

Now you write some similes using this guide.

    They’re as easy as easy can be.



By Josie Whitehead

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