Background Old Woman and Shoe



By Josie Whitehead

Sing some songs of silliness:

     Of cows that jump the moon?

A dish that ran - whatever next? -

     Accompanied by a spoon?


Sing some songs of silliness:

     Miss Muffet on her stool?

And eating what - curds and whey?

     She should have been at school!!


A woman living in a shoe?

     Come on now, use your brain.

And all those kids that lived with her?

     Well, was she quite insane?


And what of Mother Hubbard then

     Who had a cupboard bare?

And yet, not far from where she lived,

     A Tesco Store was there.


To call a boy Little Boy Blue?

     What kind of name is that?

And what a silly name - Jack Sprat -

     Because it rhymed with “fat”.


Oh sing some songs of silliness

     Well, could they get much worse?

Oh what sort of silly poets

     Would write such stuff as verse?




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