By Josie Whitehead

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£40 for a 40 minute visit and also a 10 minute test-run and lesson plan with teacher beforehand.

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A visit to your classroom to meet teachers and children/young people really creates a lasting impression on all, including the author.  A good relationship is made which can inspire children to develop their own creative skills.


As poetry is a performing arts subject, I'm often invited into classrooms to see children perform one of my poems well.  I always hope that they've learnt the poem and that they're not mumbling incoherently into a piece of paper, with only the tops of their heads showing.  I hope that they will have learnt to project their voices well, pronouncing the words clearly and with expression in their voices.  


My visits are usually for about 40 minutes.  The students often have questions that they like to put to me and I often have questions for them too.


If you'd like me to help them with understanding metre in poetry, and give them the chance to write some sentences themselves, I can do this, but 40 minutes isn't long.  I can always come again and explain the elements of writing poetry.


Making visits by skype helps me because I now make visits to classrooms worldwide and in many countries too where I have never been before.  I'm making some of the best friends I have by my skype visits and am often invited to visit children on a yearly basis.  I hope I'll meet you and your children soon.  The cost is £23 for this visit which included visiting the teacher first to make sure that the visibility  is good.