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Sleepy Sue-Ellen has nothing to do

    Except yawn and then yawn once again.

She looks through the window, then falls fast asleep

    And she misses the sun and the rain.


Sleepy Sue-Ellen does not go to school

    For schoolwork’s not for her, so she thinks,

So she sits by the fire and slowly nods off –

    And once more takes a short forty winks.


Sleepy Sue-Ellen has no time for play:

    Well, it’s not what she likes, you’ll have guessed

But she watches tv, eats her dinner and then

     It is time yet again for a rest.


Sleepy Sue-Ellen wake up and get out

     For there’s so much to see and to do!

“Oh now go away children!  I don’t want to play

     For I’m not like such children as you.”



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