Snow’s carried on the breath of wind

     Beneath the murky cloud.

It coats the countryside and towns

      Within its fleecy shroud.


Then whirling, twirling, spinning fast

    And dancing on the breeze –

It gently lands on village streets,

    On lawns and leafless trees.


It covers both the twigs and bough,

    The hedgerows and the farm,

And paints a stunning. silvery scene -

    A touch of wintry charm.


Its fluffy coat, bright in the sun,

    Adorns the tops of trees

And the world of nature’s captured

    In a sculptured, frosty frieze.


Then as the sun begins to sink

     Down in the western sky.

The chilly breeze begins to stir

    And quietly breathes a sigh.


The spectral moon comes into view,

     Yet from a nearby tree

A robin, with its breast of fire,

    Sings one last song for me.


The brightest planet, Venus, shines

     Upon a world that’s still.

We shut our doors, brush off the snow

     And escape the winter’s chill.



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