People Poems

You’ll find them living on your street;

    Perhaps you've met at school.

You may find one playing on the swings

    Or in the swimming pool.


You may find one living right next door,

    Or further down the street,

But I’m quite sure you’ll have much fun

    With those I know you’ll meet.


Think of birthdays!  They’ll be there

     With candles on their cake,

And when we speak of them we use

    The special word of 'make'.


Making friends is what we say.

    How good to make a friend!

They’re the special people in your life

    On whom you can depend.


Making friends – that’s easy.

    It’s keeping them that’s hard,

It’s easy just to play with them

    Or send a birthday card.


Showing them, by what we say,

    How much we really care.

Showing them, by what we do,

    Their lives we want to share.


Don’t ever do things which can harm

    The love they’ve given you.

To ruin a friendship seems to be

    A stupid thing to do.


Then remember other people too

    Who give their love each day -

And don’t forget, from time to time

      Three words you ought to say:




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