Birrell, the squirrel, felt spring in the air

And someone else felt it - yes, Horace the hare.

     The little birds felt it and chased round the trees

     And in spring's lovely sunshine, out came the bees.


The warmth in the air brought out many spring flowers,

And nobody minded the rain's gentle showers.

     The sun's warming rays were most certainly stronger,

     And who couldn't see that the days now were longer?


The playgrounds were packed with the children at play

For who would stay in on this wonderful day?

     All the birds and the animals frisked in the sun

     And the children, for certain, were having such fun.


The blue skies replaced skies of wintry grey

And the shops now had Easter eggs all on display.

     So who could feel sad with the arrival of spring -

     With all the good things that she thankfully brings?


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Follow-Up: Who was the first one to feel spring in the air?  Who was the second one?  Why do you think I chose these names?  The answer is:  

(a)  Birrell the Squirrel . . . . rh . . . . . ?  Rhyme.  (b)  Horace the Hare has alliteration, ie the first letters of the words are the same.  


Can you invent a rhyming name?  Can you also invent an alliterative name?  


What things in this poem showed that spring had arrived?  Is there anything which I may have omitted from my poem that you can think of?


The poem is written in iambic tetrameter, ie ldi DUM di DUM di DUM di DUM four times on each line and with rhyming aabb.  


Try writing a line in iambic tetrameter.  You can get a lot of help by going to this page:

Potentially Poetical Josie's Voice Recording