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When we no longer face the sun,

     But the moon shines from on high,

One million tiny, shining stars

    Light up that dark night sky.


Their twinkling, scintillating beams

     Dispel the shades of night,

But you will see but few of them

     Beneath that city light.


Our lights erase the Milky Way -

     A truly wondrous sight.

The glory of the heavens above

     Is devoured by all our light.  


Some stars, so very far away,

     We humans cannot see,

But, through a giant telescope,

     They’re revealed to you and me.


We wonder if, quite far away,

     Another human face

Looks down upon our Planet Earth

     From far, far out in space.


When men set foot upon the moon,

     They looked from outer space

And said our earth looked beautiful -

     A really special place.


We too can now look down on earth,

      Filmed from far away

And watch from space the world revolve

       Throughout the course of day.


Our lovely world is shimmering blue

     With lace-like pretty cloud

 And, to live our lives in such a place,

     Should make us very proud.


Instead of wreaking grief and death

     Through human, warring ways,

You’d think that every single day

      We’d want to shout our praise.



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