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I knew a boy called Mustav That.

   (Would I invent this name?)

He craved for everything he saw,

   Which really was a shame.


He lusted after everything

   Until it was his own.

He gobbled cake and chocolate bars

   And even his dog’s bone.


    (But his dog bit him for doing it).


His parents tried to please their son

    Who really drove them wild,

And everyone who knew Mustav

   Said “What a greedy child!”


  (And I think they said other things too!)


He hankered after wealth and power

   When he became a man.

“I don’t care where I get it from

      But I’ll have it if I can.”


(The Bank loved him for he had 3000 credit cards)


He moved into a palace grand

And had servants by the score,

But even this was not enough

   He craved for more and more.


    (He tried to get his hands on Buckingham

     Palace, but the Queen said: “No!”)  


“I want to rule the world” said he -

    “Own everything in sight.” -

But sadly when he said these words

    He died that very night.


 (Sometimes dreams don’t always come true).


How everyone rejoiced to hear

   That Mustav That was dead.

They replaced this grasping, selfish man

   With someone nice, instead.


  (I wonder if they replaced him with YOU?  

  They didn't replace him with me, for sure!"



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