This was one of the 344 poems from my (then) 400 poems, chosen by teachers across West Yorkshire for publication in five books, two years ago.  I guess they thought, as I did, that this was a fun poem for children to use as a template for their own simple poem using rhythm.


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Strawberries and tigers,

   Leopards and pears,

Butterflies, sea horses,

   White cuddly bears.


Moorhens and mangoes,

      Gold daffodils,

Chestnuts, wizards and

   Bright golden hills.


Ice cream and lemons,

    A big kangaroo.

 Throw in some turnips

     And make your word stew.


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This was one of  almost 400 of my poems which teachers across West Yorkshire chose to go in the five books which were published in 2010 by AMS Educational Publishers, Leeds.  It was such fun to write, but I never thought others would like it enough to ask for it to be published.  I hope you like it too.  Josie



By Josie Whitehead