My brother told me yesterday: ‘You should really learn to ski.

You mustn’t think it’s late to learn – it’s as simple as can be.

    Don’t view the winter weather and then sit at home and mope,

    The grans are finding so much fun upon the downhill slope.’


I turned to Mr Google – what might he recommend?

His good advice to all we grans was: ‘spend, and spend and spend!’

    Spend the Kids’ Inheritance, was what HE meant by ski.

    ‘What a really super thought,’ I said, as happy as could be.


‘I’ll get myself up early for I mustn’t leave it late.

I’ll start upon the downhill slope, not sit at home and wait!’

     A slogan in the USA, which started, tongue-in-cheek,

      Has got the oldies up and dressed – goodbye to all that sleep.


Ski-ing’s getting popular – they’re queuing for the cruises.

Goodbye to writing poetry; goodbye to daily snoozes.

    For seniors it’s spend-spend-spend on property and cars –

    Not saving for the gas bills, with the cash put into jars.


We gave our children everything - they really had their chance!

It’s time to grab our glad-rags now and show them how to dance!

     Well, I’ve finished with the poems so I’m off to paint the town

     And I’ll see you on the downhill slope, as you are ski-ing down.



PS:  I suspect that you see I haven't taken this advice as I'm still writing poems for you all.



By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead