Once there was an elephant -

     Suki was her name -

And Suki’s trunk was very short,

     And this was quite a shame.


One summer’s day she found a stream

    With water cool and clear

But something awful then took place

    When Suki ventured near.


A crocodile sat in this stream

    And raised his scaly head:

“This stream is MINE,” he shouted out.

     Poor Suki fled in dread.


She quickly made her way back home

    And told her great big Mum

Who said: “Each morning he’s asleep;

     So that’s the time we’ll come.”


Next day both Suki and her Mum

    Went to the cool, clear stream,

And Mum was right with what she said.

    That croc was lost in dream.


So Suki’s little trunk went down

    To take a nice cool drink,

But that old crocodile awoke.

    What did he do?  Well, think!!!


He grabbed poor Suki by the trunk

    And pulled with all his might,

But Suki managed to get free

     And ran well out of sight.


Suki’s mother followed her.

    As down the path she fled.

But then she saw her daughter’s trunk

    And this is what she said:


“That crocodile has pulled your trunk.

      His teeth were very strong,

But, goodness, now look what he’s done:

     Your small trunk’s very long.”


Oh, Suki grinned from ear to ear

    And gave a happy sigh

For elephants who have long trunks

    Can reach things very high:


The sweetest leaves, delicious fruit,

    And tasty seed-pods too.

These things all elephants adore - -

    I’m not sure if you knew.


So Suki trotted home with Mum

    Admired by all her friends -

And, with this awful day now gone,

     It’s here her story ends.


Copyright on all my poems

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