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Oh sun, whilst stealing from our sight,

     You awaken lands afar,

And you shine with *incandescent light -

     A great and powerful star.


You kiss the hills, the trees and fields,

    The gardens and the parks,

And without your light upon our world,

     We’d perish in the dark.


Oh sun, your warm, salubrious rays

    Tell seeds to wake from sleep

And, with your touch upon earth’s soil,

    Green shoots begin to peep.


You’re a trusted source of energy;

    We owe our thanks to you.

You send us your sustaining rays

    From in your sky of blue.


But, oh sun, your ultraviolet rays

     Can cause us much alarm.

Without protection, they can burn

     And cause us deadly harm.


Yet you safely anchor Planet Earth

    By the gravity you create

And, without this force, our lovely world

    Would suffer a sad fate.


Oh sun, our small world orbits you.

       You keep us in our place.

Without your grip, our earth would be

     Tossed into outer space.


Each day you sink with farewell beams

    Which sheen upon our earth,

Yet you rise again, with each new morn,

    To give each new day birth.


Thank you, dear sun, for being there -

     A warming, quickening force -

For without you in this world of ours,

      We’d surely die, of course.



Copyright on all my poems


* incandescent:  emitting light as a result of heat.

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