Rushing streams and tall green trees,

Of burning sun and cooling breeze;

     Wooden houses, gaily painted;

     Brooms and baskets decorated.


Splendid churches, red bell towers,

Sunny gardens - lovely flowers!

     The archipelago's close by

     With sailing ships and gulls that cry.


Swimming in the clear cool lakes,

Drinking coffee, eating cakes.

     Ships and shops and chiming clocks;

     Sandy beaches, lots of rocks.


Travelling on the wooden trams -

Blonde-haired babies in their prams.

     Buying cards and eating ices . . . . .

     Trying not to think of prices!


Singing birds and silver birch;

Sipping tea next to the church.

     Everyone is eating fish -

     And everyone speaks English!


There's only one thing left to say:

In Sweden we would love to stay,

     But England calls us to return -

     There's work to do, money to earn –


Our holiday’s been really great,

But friends and family now await,

     So goodbye Sweden we must say,

     But we’ll be back another day.



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Travel/Transport Poems Secondary Schools




By Josie Whitehead

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This was the first poem I ever wrote, other than a small poem for my school magazine called "My Garden".  We did a hospitality exchange holiday with friends from Sweden.  Stig gave me a present of a beautiful picture he drew of our home in Ilkley.  When I went there I felt I should also give them a present which was personal.  But what?  I tried writing a poem, and this was it.  No creative writing classes for me, ha ha  Just pen to paper and not one change since.   Stig and Irene were absolutely delighted and I was told he put this poem in his works magazine, so I became a published poet immediately!  I never expected to write another poem, but meeting the children in my local school proved this to be wrong, as you can see.  I hope you like the poem.  I've splashed pictures in words all over the page for you and this isn't difficult if you like a country.  I did the same thing again when I visited Italy, but I loved Italy so much, and the people that I've also learned their language - - yes, since I've been retired!