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By Josie Whitehead

A predator roams round our towns,

     That licks its lips with greed.

It coaxes me to look at things

     I’m sure I do not need.


This creature’s called Enticement and

     It lays alluring snares.

So tread the streets with heedfulness

     And take the utmost care.


“The sales are on” Enticement calls,

     “There’s bargains to be had!” –

But buying things which I don’t need –

     Well, surely this is bad?


Cream cakes seduce in bakeries;

     Chocolates dark and creamy;

Sweet lingerie of finest silk

     Can make me feel quite dreamy.


The bookstores draw me in, for sure.

     Look!  Sofas by the score!

Trousers, jumpers, pure silk scarves –

     I don’t need any more!


Too frightened by the ones who sell,

     I flee from here in dread

And scamper to the natural world

     For safety there instead.


Copyright on all my poems 

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