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Sydney Sleep is such a creep,

Put him with a field of sheep.

   Let him learn to baa and bleat.

   Give him tasty grass to eat.


Give him wool instead of hair

And also horns – a curly pair -

    Four short legs instead of two

   And turn him into Irish stew.


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Brown & Cream - Giggle Poems Sydney Sleep - Heading Put Him in a Field of Sheep

Word came back to me that more than one class of children were giggling at this particular poem when it was market-researched on them by my publisher.  Were they your children?  They went into my book of Funny Poems with many others in 2010.  Well, now they are on the internet and you have arrived at this page, test them on your children and tell them that I hope they are not like Sydney Sleep - or any other animal come to that.  Josie

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