Dear Parents and Teachers


A very happy new year and I'm pleased that you've returned to my website.  


Do you know that these poems now go out to schools and homes in 188  countries of the world, so Google Analytics tells me.  Oh, I hope I haven't already told you this.


If you know of people who have children or grandchildren, or perhaps they are teachers in your area, please tell them of my websites.  Writing the poems and making the five websites (and especially getting them illustrated) has taken me more than ten years of work, but it is work which I've enjoyed doing.


If you have any good ideas - any ideas of things which perhaps can combine with poetry to make it fun, and especially if you are able to contribute towards it - please do let me know.


You will have noticed that many kind people have already contributed their wonderful illustrations, animations, music and song to my poems and this is great because I do believe that poetry such as I write it is a performing arts subject that links so well to other arts subjects.


If you have one of these subjects as a skill, or if your school or class would like to do a project which could link well to one of my poems, please do write to me with any suggestions.  How about an "illustrate a poem" competition in your school and the winning entry could be sent to me to put with one of the poems?  Would young people studying music like to compose some music to go with one of the poems, or would you like to hold a performance poetry competition and film the winners, and I would gladly link to your performance on your school website.  You may well have some good photographers who would like to add a photograph to go with one of the poems - - or better still, why not surprise me with an idea of your own.


In the meantime, as we get through the cold weather and short days of winter, we move slowly towards spring and Easter once again, and I hope you have a happy time whatever you  are doing.


                                         My very good wishes to you all . . . . . .



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