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Ten tiny bubbles floated down the road

And one little bubble landed on a toad -

     Who stuck out his tongue and caught it very quick:

      Pop went the bubble:   Oh what an awful trick!


Nine tiny bubbles floated in the sun.

"Aha", said a big brown cow: "Moo - - Here comes lots of fun.”

      Down went her horns and she popped another two:

       So this left …………….  bubbles, and now what did they do?


Seven tiny bubbles floated far away.

Two boys were playing, and what did they say?

      “Bubbles!  Look, let’s pop them.  Hurry up! Come on!"

           And ping ping ping

               and a pingety pong. . . . again - ping ping ping and a

                        PINGETY PONG . . . .

                              They popped them - every one.



Josie's Voice Recording