Poem by Josie Whitehead

I’m lost in a place very far from my home -

In a forest where millions of sad children roam,

   With a teacher who tells all we kids what to do

   And it’s worse, oh much worse than a life at a zoo.


I’m missing my Mummy.  I’m missing my Dad

And oh oh oh oh - I am feeling so sad.

    The noise in the classroom is so very loud

    And oh how I hate being one of a crowd.


There are children who’re big - well as big as a bus -

And children who look and feel sorry for us.

    I’m put in a place where the others are tough -

    And I’m watching the big ones who’re terribly rough.


I’m trying to remember the things I must do

And I’m doing my best to tie up my shoe.

    My name’s on the register - what does that mean?

    Perhaps I’m now royal and a bit like a queen.


We feel like the animals who’re locked in a zoo -

Oh why put us here and just what can we do?

    But the teachers all like us, we know by their smiles

    And yet home and my Mum seem a million miles!


At the end of the day I’ve made a few friends

And we’re all really glad that this day’s at its end.

    Tomorrow I’m sure will be better than this

    And oh, here comes my Mum with a hug and a kiss.


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