By Josie Whitehead

Image5 Media Museum Emblem


Bradford lays claim to many things:

Think ‘film’ and what delight it brings:

    Think: ‘National Museum of Media’ –

    Yes, listed in Wikpedia!


‘City of Film!’ – We’re on the map!

Let’s give three cheers or should we clap?

    UNESCO has bestowed this name –

    And brought this city lots of fame!


Photography, film or animation?

Yes, welcome here – no hesitation!

    They’ll turn you out with a degree,

    That’s fit for anyone to see!


Think ‘painting’ – now think David Hockney!

Not from London -  he’s no cockney!

    Think of his works and think: ‘Saltaire’.

    Go view his art, if time to spare.


Think ‘sheep’ and then think ‘woollen trade,'

It’s wool on which this town was made.

    What brought the money?  Woollen mills,

    Their worsted looms are working still.


Frederick Theadore Albert Delius:

That’s right - another Bradford genius.

    This fine, composing, Yorkshire lad

    Was born in Bradford.  Can’t be bad!


If you’re not been mentioned, please excuse.

They’ll know you from the Yorkshire news.

    A poem cannot be a book,

    But Google Bradford.  Take a look.


Think ‘Cartwright Hall’ – think works of art –

Art lovers?   That’s the place to start.

    Think J B Priestley – novels, plays!

    Yes, Bradford’s where he spent his days.


Think Bradford, and St George’s Hall,

Where concerts are enjoyed by all.

    Whilst The Alhambra Theatre may be grand,

    Think Yorkshire ale and good brass bands.


Think ‘curry capital’ for sure –

And head for many a restaurant door.

    Think Bradford?  No, now come and see,

    And near to Bradford you’ll find me!


Copyright on all my poems




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