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Those distant hills are beckoning,

   Their charms bewitching me.

Drawn to a world that lies beyond,

    I see my destiny.


In far-flung lands beyond my view,

    Man lives unbridled, free -

And, where hope become reality,

    I see my destiny.


Ambitions there could be fulfilled,

     Denouncing poverty.

Far from this sad, impoverished life

   I see my destiny.


I’d get respect from all mankind -

       Peace and prosperity.

Where truth and justice live and thrive

    I see my destiny.


It's there I'd work and gain respect -

    They'd show me dignity -

And where I'd hold my head up high

    I see my destiny.


I’ll elude life's savagery and pain.

    Tight bondage chains I'll flee -

For those distant hills, arms open wide,

     Are beckoning to me.



Copyright on all my poems



By Josie Whitehead

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