'Good teacher, do tell me, what things must I do

 To get into Heaven?  Oh, if only I knew.'

      The reply Jesus made was: 'You say I am good?

      God is the good one. Have you not understood?'


'You know the commandments. What more can I say?

Do these things and then turn to God when you pray.

     Show love to your neighbour, as you would to yourself.

     Get rid of your riches! Heaven doesn’t want wealth.'


'Heaven’s gateway is narrow but I am the way.

 Keep to the pathway and don’t go astray.

      Turn your back on adultery, stealing, and hate

      And then follow behind as I go through this gate.'


'Don’t hurt other people and especially don’t kill.

Here’s the vessel of Godliness.  Now don’t let it spill.

      Love your father and mother. Be kind to the poor.

      It’s a hard path to follow if you enter this door.'


But the man thought again: 'Give away what I’ve earned?

I might need it one day.  That’s the lesson I’ve learned.'

      His face clouded over, when he thought of all this.

      'Without comfort and wealth, I’ll give Heaven a miss.'



Copyright on all my poems


*This was one of  almost 400poems chosen by teachers across West Yorkshire for publication in 2010 in 5 books by AMS Educational.  You can find these books in Ilkley Library.


King James 2000 Bible: Enter through the narrow gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leads to destruction, and many there be who go in there:  Matthew 7:13

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