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When something's given precedence,

     It’s time that you must make.

When you need to do your very best,

      It’s time that you must take.


When you’re doing nothing special

   You could say it’s time you waste.

You can do so many things with it

     But time you cannot taste.


When you're really very busy,

     You speak of time you use.

If you mess around and waste it,

     Then look at the time you lose!


Time resembles money when we

     Speak of time we spend.

It’s something we can’t give away

     And certainly can’t lend.


“Tempo’s” time in melody

     When you clap your hands.

You can’t eat time yet beat it

     If you’re leader of the band.


Time’s a gift that’s freely given;

    When used, can’t be replaced,

So use your time quite prudently.

     Don’t let it go to waste.


Copyright on all my poems


*Published in 2010 - AMS Educational Ltd.






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