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Give your health the boost it needs

    And build your muscles too.

Get that racket in your hand

    And now, here’s what to do.


First, grip your racket properly.

    Let a good coach show you how

For there are many things to learn

     Which I will mention now.


A good ball toss improves your serve

     And will of course impress.

Direct your ball to the right height.

    Your aim will bring success!


Your arms must work in tandem too -

     And this also needs your skill.

Adroitness comes from good technique

     And constant daily drill.


Your groundstrokes need attention too -

      An expert’s help you’ll need -

For without perfection at grass roots

    You’ll not build skill or speed.


Attention’s needed all the time,

    So watch your ball with care.

Don’t move your head too needlessly,

     Or your balance you’ll impair.


These years of training and hard work

      Will perfect your tennis style

And with that trophy in your hands,

    You’ll know it was worthwhile.



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