Vancouver to Summerland Okanagan

I'm a good little runner and in no way dogmatic!!

There are folk aboard me who are having a lark

  But I never will growl and I won’t even bark.


I'm a greyhound it’s true, but I'm not a road-hog.

Though my name is Greyhound, I’m not really a dog.

  I'm perfectly happy with the life that I lead,

  Just cruising along at a comfortable speed.


See mountains, chasms and peaks soaring high.

I hear folks saying "Hi there" and others "Goodbye.”

   I follow the course of sea-green coloured streams

   And see views that for many are only in dreams.


Look!  The salmon leap high in the rivers so fast

But sadly I think that their journey's their last.

   There's a bear over there ransacking a bin.

   Oh I do hope he's lucky and finds a good tin.


Now we're suddenly crossing a very deep creek.

Catch your breath, close your eyes and try not to shriek!

  I'm perfectly sure that we really are safe,

  But hold on to your seats and have lots of faith.


Are you frightened of grizzlies?  Well look over there.

My word what a size -  a magnificent bear!

    The movie’s now on.  Oh, it might be a bore.

    I’m right!  Yes, one man has just started to snore.


That kid on the back seat appears rather cute

But ouch!!  Now he’s kicking my seat with his boot.

  My driver's a nice guy who’s enjoying some glory

  And delighting us all with his interesting story.


The Okanagan Valley!   We're on the last lap.

I’ll just pull in here for that old lumberjack.

  This is fruit-growing country with trees all about.

    It's not far to go so you soon can get out.


There are orchards and vineyards by this lovely lake;

You’ll find nightlife, culture and good wine to partake.

  See!  The blossom is out - Gee, it really looks grand!

   Well now we’ve arrived and we’re in Summerland.


Copyright on all my poems

Travel & Transport Poems Secondary Schools



By Josie Whitehead

Heading Greyhound Coach

I never fail to be surprised at both the number of poems that were chosen by teachers and children for publication, but also by the subject.  When I think that here in West Yorkshire, they wanted my poem about a Canadian coach to be published - yes, and a coach that talks with a Canadian accent probably and uses Canadian expressions! ha ha  I went to Vancouver in 1966 and taught there at Burnaby College,  and worked in many offices (temporary office work for experience).  We went back for our 25th wedding anniversary and next February will be our 50th anniversary.  Should we go back again? Josie

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