I’ve come to join you in your world,

    To live my life and share,

And all I ask from all of you

    Is patience, love and care.


I’m in a very different world

    To where I’ve quietly slept,

And here are many different things

    For this baby to accept.


I’m too young to tell the time yet,

    Too young to read or write.

I don't understand you need to rest.

     I can't sleep through the night.


I’m not too young to feel your love,

     And I'm not too young to shriek,

So I hope you'll understand my needs:

   As I'm much too young to speak.


You'll know I'm really growing up

    When I give you my first smile -

But give me time and patience

    For it takes a little while.


I’m too young, of course, to walk yet,

    To answer when you speak,

But you were also much too young

    When you were aged one week.


Copyright on all my poems





By Josie Whitehead

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