By Josie Whitehead

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A trochee is a heavy stress followed by a light one and is the opposite of iambic metre. Think:  TROchee (like jockey) and then you will remember this sound.  Think  i AM for iambic and you can remember that rhythm which is much easier and is the opposite of this as you will see.  Do you like the double rhyming per line.  It is difficult to do, finding words on the same subject.


Food is a good subject to do it with.  Find things that go together as I've shown you or:  creamy milkshake, chocolate ice cream, eggs and bacon etc.  I'm sure you can write a poem on this, your favourite subject.


Egg and bacon

Runny jelly

Toast and honey

Bread and water

or:  Purple paper

Velvet curtains



Many of our words don't have a light syllable at their end and you'll see many trochaic poems where the last word ends on a single-syllabled word, ie:


Sweets that tingle on your tongue;

Sweets designed to tempt the young;

    Chocolate bars with fudge inside;

    Come on try one:  Open wide.


But if you want to be perfect, try:


Sweets that tingle in your tummy;

Sweets designed to tempt your Mummy;

     Chocolate bars with tasty centres;

     Here's the sweetshop.   Come, let's enter!


Time for you to invent some sentences now . . . . . . . .



City Centre

Apple crumble

Christmas presents

Perfect Pastry

Special friendship

Cotton jumper 

or names:  

Father Christmas

Jenny Martin

Jacky Collins

Pauline Jackman

Josie Whitehead 

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