Blessed are they who seek God’s love  

     To fill their empty souls:

Who see the road that leads to Him

     As their important goal.


God’s Kingdom opens wide its doors

    To people such as they  

Who seek the path to blessedness

      In each and every day.


Blessed are they who sadly mourn;

     God’s comfort heals their hurt.

His presence, with its healing warmth,

     With love does reassert.


Blessed are those, both meek and kind,

     Who show their love and care;

And who, quietly, in our troubled world,

     Help others in despair.  


God keeps his promises to all

     Who live their lives with grace,

And who, with steadfast, humble hearts

     Seek his true dwelling place.    


Blessed are those whose main desire

     Is to follow God’s command.

Their path, though long and hard at times,

   Leads to His promised land.


Blessed are those whose hearts are pure,

     Whose thoughts and deeds are clean:

God’s Kingdom, in the world beyond,

     By them, for sure, is seen.


The ones who work for worldly peace

     Are special in God’s sight:

And those oppressed for following Him

     He upholds in their plight.


God's Kingdom's home to all of them -

     They’re welcomed in this land -  

Where they will see God’s smiling face

     And feel his loving hand.


When you're reviled, on my account,

    And words cut like a sword,

Remember that God’s peace and love

     Will be your due reward.


Copyright on all my poems





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Which door do I go through to worship God?  Who is the head of the Christian Church etc etc etc.  What do these things really matter in our world?  They are the things which cause hatred and bloodshed.   What is important to all of us in this life is to work together to put into our lives the important things which Jesus outlined in his Sermon on the Mount. Well, this is my way of thinking.