By Josie Whitehead


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By Josie Whitehead

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I am a mouse, it’s very true,

      But I don’t want your cheese.

I will not hide like other mice,

      And never carry fleas.


You’ll find me on the table top -

     By master's side I'll stay.

 I know he’d be quite sorry

     If he found that I had strayed.


I am his friend, a pampered pet,

     Who’s not kept in a cage.

I proudly sit at human side

     And don’t cause fear or rage.


No one screams, no one shouts,

     And that which I like best

Is I’m not chased by horrid cats.

     I’m not furry like the rest!


Yes, I’m a mouse, it’s very true,

      And I work hard all day long.

Instead of feet I have a ball

     And a hand guides me along.


I know full well that I am loved

      For I’m a special buddy,

I am the proud computer mouse

    Who lives inside the study.


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In 2010 this poem was published with almost 400 others.  As my 5 books are no longer published, you can all have the poems on here and I hope you and your children enjoy my work.  Josie