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I’ll be joining all the millions

    Who’ll be walking off to school.

No scooters, bikes or motor cars –

    That is the golden rule!


There’s no place for excuses

    From you parents or your child

And the sun is shining brightly

    And the weather’s nice and mild.


The exercise is good for me –

    I’ll exercise my feet.

I’ll have to make decisions

    When I want to cross the street:


Where is the safest place to cross

    To see in all directions?

It’s surely not the nearest point

    When making my selection.


Don’t cross the road on sharp bends

    Or near the tops of hills.

The knowledge that I’m gaining

    Gives me one of life’s best skills.


“Don’t stand too near the road edge.

    Use your eyes and use your ears!

You mustn’t step upon that road

     Until you’re sure it’s clear.


As I make my way along the path

    I’ll think of all of you.

I hope your journey’s pleasant

    And you’ll feel much fitter too.


The walk to school’s from your home,

    On the path along your street,

Not from the car park near your school –

    Oh, I hope you’re not a cheat!


Copyright on all my poems


By Josie Whitehead


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