Yorkshire Poems



By Josie Whitehead

Enclosed within a Roman wall,

Extending to suburban sprawl,

     A city lies in northern parts,

     With history beating in its heart.


Human beings bring their skill.

They give new life but also kill.

     Throughout this city Roman feet

     Have hammered on its cobbled streets.


When Roman soldiers left our shores

Then, had we said goodbye to war?

     Oh no, the Anglo Saxons came -

     Invading forces, just the same.


Christians made their presence felt

And, in York’s wooden church, they knelt.

     Here today stands proud and tall,

     A Minster within city walls.


Then Vikings came with guile and stealth.

They murdered, pillaged, seeking wealth.

    They looted churches, killed the priests,

    And gradually their power increased.


They came to York and settled down

And left their mark upon this town.

     Today we’d say their lives were tough

     But times for them were hard and rough.


                                           Continued ......

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