I might give up my fish and chips

    And I MIGHT give up my cakes,

But I won't give up my chewing gum

   And won't give up milkshakes.


I might give up my salty crisps

    And I'll forfeit toffees too,

But I won't give up my chocolate bars

    No matter what I do.


I might give up my daily fights,

     But not for very long,

But perhaps some teasing on the side

    Is not so very wrong.


I might give up my lollipops

    And my mother's awful stew,

But, give up reading Josie's Poems?

    I CAN'T do this.  Can you?



Copyright on all my poems


Oh, I can't give up writing them!!!  I can't give up that for lent, so here is one for a start!  God won't mind. Josie


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