What do you do

    When the sun won’t shine? -

When the raindrops fall

   On your head and mine? -


When the big black cloud

    Looks down and laughs

And then opens his mouth

    And sends us a bath?


What do you do

    When puddles are around? -

When there’s lots of gooey mud

    Down upon the ground?


With your raincoat on

    And boots upon your feet –

Stamping in the puddles

    Is a wonderful treat.


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My two lovely grandchildren prompted this poem, on a day when it wouldn't stop raining, but when we looked out of the window the ducks were playing in the puddles outside although I admit they didn't wear boots.  This much-loved poem, was published in 2010 along with all the others I've told you about.  Teachers and children chose it, but my grandchildren, Jessica and Daniel,  were delighted that they had. Josie