'Please Mrs Hemmingway, what is a noun?'

Is it the name of your road or the name of your town?

     Is it those in your family like ‘Mum’ or like ‘Dad’?'

     The teacher said: 'Georgia - you’ve got it!  Not bad!'


Then Jessica said: 'Is a fairy a noun?

Or a goblin, a witch, a magician or clown?'

     The teacher replied: 'Yes, it’s all of those things –

     And a slide is a noun, and a ball and a swing.'


A noun is a name that we give to all things:

To everyday objects and to princes and kings;

     To the things that we see and to all that we hear;

     To the things that we like and those that we fear.


Each thing with a name, be it small, be it big,

From a song that we hear to a little pink pig,

     Is also a noun – and yes, you are one too.

     So think of more nouns and I’ll wish you adieu!



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