Christmas, with its twinkling lights,

    Lit up the Christmas streets

And in the homes lights brightly shone

    And children had their treats.


The New Year came with party lights

    And bells in churches rang,

And as the clock chimed 12 o’clock,

    The human voices sang.


Then shortly after all these things

    The lights were put away

And Christmas decorations too

    Will in their boxes stay - - -


Until another Christmas comes

    And out they’ll come again,

And now, for those in northern spheres,

    We’ll face the cold and rain.


But, for the children, what comes next?

    Well, feel that wintry breeze

And look what’s coming from the clouds

    And nestling on the trees.


Feathery flakes come drifting down

    To coat the world below:

And sledges come upon the scene

    To welcome in the snow.


Warm hats and coats, warm gloves and scarves

     And winter boots appear –

And from the joyful sounds you’ll hear      

     They’re having fun, that’s clear.


Snowmen arrive and snowballs made.

      Look! Footprints in the snow!

The children’s laughter’s clearly heard

      Their faces all aglow.


The cold wind blows, the sun has gone,

    And still the snow whirls down –

But children don’t think of these things

    When winter wears his crown.


Copyright on all my poems


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Illustration by Michael Beatham.

Thank you Michael.