Oh no you're not.  I'm really the best! - Josie

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There comes a day for everyone

     When things just get you down,

And when it comes, do something good

      And throw away your frown.


Just tell yourself that you’re the best –

     God’s very favourite child.

The day that you arrived on earth

     All your family smiled!


People saw your baby face,

    Your lovely little eyes,

And everyone adored you just

     As if you were their prize.


So tell yourself you’re still the same –

     Much better than the rest.

Though, it isn’t easy not to boast

     When you know that you’re the best!


So brush away that frowning face,

    And dress it with your smile

First wash, then dress and do your hair

     And show the world your style.


When everyone goes home tonight,

      They’ll remember who they met:

The smartest one, the cleverest one –

      It’s you they mean I bet!


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