Yorkshire Poems by Josie Whitehead

Unspoilt coastlines, heathered moors,

Cliffs which drop to sandy shores,

    Windswept fells, and rolling sea –

    Yorkshire is the place to be.


Stunning landscapes, brackened hills,

Farndale where wild daffodils

    Stretch along the River Dove.

    Yorkshire is the place I love.


National parks?  For certain, three,

And Yorkshire bathes in history.

     Castles, abbeys, stately homes,

     Hills and dales in which to roam.


Moorland tarns and rushing gills;

Purple heather on our hills,

    Waterfalls dive from on high,

     Larks and curlews in the sky.


Windswept moors with bleating sheep;

Ducks who through my windows peep;

    Limestone pavements, sheltered coves,

    Yorkshire’s unique treasure troves.


Cliff tops with their bracing walks -

Seabirds swoop and loudly squawk.

    Grand hotels, small B&B’s –

    Yorkshire folk just love to please.


Yorkshire restaurants - top cuisine.

Food fit for our own dear Queen.

    She knows Yorkshire cooking’s fine,

    Accompanied by Yorkshire wine!


Modern cities, buildings tall,

Tiny hamlets, dry stone walls,

    Lots of rivers in our dales -

    Yorkshire folk with Yorkshire tales.


Towns and cities? They’re our pride,

Where old and new sit side by side;

    Cobbled streets, and motorways;

    Pastures where our cattle graze.


Music?  Goodness, name your choice,

Both instrument and  human voice;

     Ballet, opera, drama, art –

      Just a few things for a start.


Yorkshire beer – yes, don’t forget,

Sports to make the bodies’ sweat:

    Football, cricket, tennis, bowls

    All delight our human souls.


One last thing I’ve overlooked,

The passion on which I am hooked:

     Wise men say: 'Write poetry -

     Well, if your goal’s longevity.


Copyright on all my poems

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