Story Poems 1

“Which of you children will help me?” said Mum:    

     “There are five big potatoes to peel”.

But nobody answered, I’m sorry to say:

    It was no good for Mum to appeal.


“Who’ll help with the salad?” said Mum yet again –

      And she said it quite loud and quite clear -

But nobody answered. They pretended that they

     Were all deaf and that no-one could hear.


“Who’ll lay the table?” Mum said to them all.

     “The rest of the dinner is done.”

But did anyone help her? Oh, no no no no!

    They were playing and having such fun.


“Who’s ready for dinner?” their mother called out.

       “To waste it would be such a shame!”

Did anyone hear her? Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes -

       They stopped all their playing and came.


“When I asked you to help me, then nobody came.

       You pretended that you couldn’t hear.

But when the work’s done and you all want your food

     You can hear me quite perfectly clear!"


I hope all you children who’re reading my poems

    Are not like those children above,

It’s important in families that everyone helps

    And the right way to show that we love.


A special “help fairy” comes to your home,

     And I think she’s a bit of a spy.

Put up your hands now, if you help at home –

    Oh come on, don’t tell me a lie!



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By Josie Whitehead

Who'll Help Me - Heading What Do You Like to Eat?