When it’s winter, dark and cold,

    And the clock hand points to eight,

Mummy’s voice comes through the door:

    “You must get up, it's late!”


When it's summer, nice and light,

    I’m keen to leave my bed.

“Go back to sleep.  It’s early yet,”

    Are words that I hear said.


So why are parents difficult?

     I've thought of that before.

You want to sleep, they say it's late.

    You want to rise, they snore!


On Christmas morn I want to rise,

    My presents to explore

But if they hear me moving,

    They'll be angry.  It's a bore!


Another day, when I am tired

    And want to settle down,

It’s: "Hurry, get your coat on now.  

    We're going into town."


When I am fast then they are slow,

    And then the other way.

It's: "Please be quiet," "Stop that noise"

    Or:  "Go on out and play."


There are some days I really try

    And go outside to play - BUT

"Come inside, say cheerio,

    See you another day.”


The meal they've cooked, I do not want

    And really cannot eat - BUT

"You won't get down before it's gone!  

    You’ll sit there on your seat".


Another time I'm hungry,

    Eat up and ask for more - BUT

"You cannot have more ice-cream.

     It will make your tummy sore!"


You just can't win with grown-ups,

    No matter how you try,

But battle on and don't give up

    Or run away and cry.


Copyright on all my poems


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This was amongst the first poems that I wrote, and I certainly knew nothing much about metre, but it was one of many poems chosen by teachers right across West Yorkshire for publication in 2010.  I hope you like it.  I'm remembering my childhood for certain, although we seldom had ice-cream or sweets because during and for some years after the Second World War, there was rationing of sugar, so ice cream and sweets were a luxury for certain.  You had to read under the bedclothes with a torch because there was no heating in our bedrooms.  Josie