Sunshine sparkling on an icy lake;

Glistening frost as on a Christmas cake;

On my window lands a small snowflake.

    Winter’s come to freeze the toes.


Shivering birds are sitting in the tree;

Small black eyes are watching over me;

Do you want food?  Oh yes, they all agree!

     Winter’s come to freeze the toes.


Cold clear air will take your breath away;

Lots of clothing keeps the chill at bay;

People say that it’s a “healthy” day.

     Winter’s come to freeze the toes.


Frosty meadows shining in the sun;

Children sledging, having lots of fun;

Hear dogs bark as in the snow they run.

     Winter’s come to freeze the toes.


The forecaster now gives us his advice:

A car journey?  I  think you should think twice,

 For cars are skidding round upon the ice.

     Winter’s come to freeze the toes.


The sun tells cold winds that  they must depart,

And melts the ice – oh well, that is a start.

A lovely day for photographic art.

      Winter’s come to freeze the toes.


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This poem, chosen by schools in Yorkshire, was published in 2010.  (AMS Educational - Leeds).  It's in Ilkley Library:  JOSIE'S POEMS - Nature

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