Winter white princes heralding spring,

 Tiny heads hanging – what joy you do bring!

       Whilst ravaging gales pound the Earth's face,

        Stamina must surely be your saving grace.


White snow sits lightly upon the green grass,

 And the snowdrops watch as the people pass.  

      Not one, but hundreds, huddle together,  

      Shaking their heads at the winter’s weather.


 Wild wind whistling through leafless trees;

 A lone crow circling on an easterly breeze;    

     Warmly wrapped children pass by in the snow,

      But ice rests on your petals as quietly you grow.


 Winter white princes, pearl-petalled, bright,

  With slender green leaves - you are such a delight!    

       Sweet winter princes, what hope do you bring? –  

       'The winter will pass, and then you’ll have Spring.'


Copyright on all my poems



*Published in 2010 with other poems.  Do tell children about 'personifying' the subject of your poem.  The snowdrops have truly been personified here.  Can you imagine them watching people pass and shaking their heads at the winter's weather?  Josie


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