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Your words are just like animals

    Locked inside a cage.

They want to come out, run around -

    Get rid of all that rage.


The teacher says:  “Be quiet”

    And your parents say that too.

Words aren’t happy locked inside

    Like creatures at a zoo.


Your mind is telling them to run,

    To play, to scream and shout.

There’s lots of fun that they could have

    If you would let them out.


So they settle down and go to sleep

    And then what happens next?

Your teacher asks a question!

    Oh! Your words are quite perplexed.


For now they’re sleeping quietly

    And don’t know what to say.

Your teacher wants an answer

    And you’re full of dismay.


The problem is, for humans,

    That you can’t lock words away.

We try to lock them in our heads

    But they prefer to play.


Copyright on all my poems




By Josie Whitehead

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This poem was published in 2010, one of almost 400 poems which were chosen by teachers and children. Were you one of these people? I hope you enjoy it. Josie

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