A wise man watched as children played

And shook his head and felt dismayed,

     For as he watched, he had to say:

     "Have wise men lost the art of play?"


Yes, play’s important for us all

And not just for the very small.

     So put yourself in children’s shoes

     To laugh and sing and to amuse -


Forget the troubles in your lives -

Your hates, your fears and inner drives.

      Then loosen up and have some fun!

      It's very good for everyone!


Copyright on all my poems

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I have spent my life working with young people in Colleges of Further Education, and I am never happier than when I am teaching or doing something useful for young people and children.  Read my introduction and you'll know how I was led into writing these poems for children.  It is quite extraordinary.  I was given the title:  Inspirational Online Children's Poet in 2007 by children in 133 countries and, as I never enter competitions, this was a big surprise.  So I can't help but say enjoy yourself as children do, and enjoy yourself with children.  Josie