background talking

Do you think they'd like to speak?

What would they say?

How do animals communicate?

Copyright Our Language Heading


Some words sit on paper

    Whilst some float through the air.

People write on birthday cards

    To show someone they care.


They say that babies hear our words

    Before they’re even born.

Words are what we humans use

    To comfort those who mourn.


Words are powerful tools indeed

    So think before you speak.

Your words may have a big effect

    Upon somebody’s week.


What’s your favourite game with words?  

     Well, can you guess what’s mine

I love writing rhyming poetry

     So hunt for words that rhyme.


You can’t escape from language.  

     Words won’t leave us alone.

They come in many languages

     On paper and by phone.


Animals don’t use any words.

    They simply growl or squeak,

But they look at us with interest.

     Do you think they’d like to speak?


By Josie Whitehead