So many things you touched today

   Were made by human hand.

They came to us from far and wide,

   Were thought about and planned.


The chair on which you’re sitting now;

   The screen before your face -

They didn’t just appear in the shops,

   Or drop down there from space.


People worked to make these things,

   They had to learn, like you.

They studied hard to understand

   The work which they now do.


The bakers, drivers, farmers, me –

    Shopkeepers, teachers, you.

We understand the concept “work”,

    And know what we must do.


The busy bees that fly around,

   And birds up in the trees -

They all must work to stay alive,

   So don’t forget them, please.


We owe our thanks for everything  -

   For things both large and small.

To whom do we, then, owe these thanks?

To the workers.  Bless them all!


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Write A - Z every word you can think of in connection with work.  Perhaps X or Z - well, we'll let you off these.  It may take you 10 years to complete your list!!  Don't forget P for Poet.  I really work very hard and I enjoy it too.  Josie


PS  Animals, birds and minibeasts work too.


This is a relatively recent poem, so not included in my books.  It was written for National Poetry Day, I believe.  Josie