Be the thought that enters my head, God.

*Be the pen which writes on my paper

And be the images that come to my mind

As I go onwards through my day.


You know what I would like to say

To others who turn to my writing,

And also the minds of my readers.

Let my words be uplifting to their souls.


Guide my fingers as they tap my keys,

And be near to me as my words flow

Like water from a mountain spring –

Fresh, clear and running sweetly.


You know exactly the thoughts in my head

Even before I start to write these words.

Let my words be your words that I write.

God, in you I trust.  Be my guide and helper.


Copyright on all my poems



* I never write my poems.  Typewriting is one of my main skills in life, and I could recommend everyone to learn to type really well (ie touch typing).  My poems go from my head to my fingers which strike my keyboard.  I'm lucky to be able to use my fingers following a most dreadful streptococcal infection from a scratch to my wrist from a rose bush which almost killed me.  See my

INTRODUCTION PAGE.  God obviously had a job that had to be done by a typist!  Josie




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A Writer's Prayer - Heading Touch Typing for Children