In January the cold wind blows

Stinging ears, cheeks and nose.


In February soft snow floats down

Coating countryside and town.


March winds raging loud and shrill

Have strength to snap the daffodil.


April’s here - spring flowers appear.

And summer’s warmth is very near.


May’s gentle touch brings warmth to spring,

With colourful flowers and birds that sing.


In June we have the longest day.

The sun bids us: “Come out and play!”


July’s arrived – goodbye to school.

The beach is hot, but the sea is cool.


August -  holidays and fun –

Warm days for playing in the sun.


September’s here and also school.

Back to work seems rather cruel.


In October, with its shortening days,

The trees put on their best display.


With November’s bonfires blazing bright –

The summer’s sun has taken flight.


December’s lights adorn our streets,

And Christmas brings us many treats.


It’s goodbye to another year.

Let in the new with festive cheer.


Copyright on all my poems

By Josie Whitehead

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(Poem for children)


By Josie Whitehead

Younger Children


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