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I'm pleased to tell you my news:  CGP Educational Publishers, who supply 90% of the UK schools with books, have published my poem: 'Welcome to York'.  Children don't always want 'giggle' poetry, although a little laugh does us all good during our day - but this poem introduces one of our most historic cities to the reader, taking them through the history, step by step and relating it to the York that is visited today by so many 'disciples of her history.'  It is written in iambic tetrameter, ie 4 iambic feet per line and aabb rhyming.  I loved the poems of the traditional children's poets when I was a child and, to me, with our wonderful lyrical English language, what a shame not to make full use of it.

Many of these poems were amongst the 400 poems which were published in 2010 by AMS Educational Publishers.  Sadly the books are no longer being sold as the publisher sold his business to people who do not publish children's poems - but you have them on my websites and in other books.  I'm pleased to be able to write about my home county which I love dearly.  Josie